Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Transfer 3 in the Great WA-TAC!


Hello Family!

We received transfer calls on Saturday night and......(drum roll please....) I get to stay in American Lake!!! Sister Phillips and I will be staying and my trainer, sister sandau, will be leaving us! She is going to be a sister training leader! I must say I feel a little overwhelmed to be senior companion and to follow-up train sister phillips. However, if the Lord knows I can do it then I know I can do it! I am excited and determined to work hard and do my best and rely on the Lord! I look forward to learning and growing A LOT this transfer!

It has been a kind of slow week again but we were blessed with the wonderful baptism of Imani Evans! It was the sweetest and most powerful baptism! She is such a little miracle! She is ten years old and has the biggest testimony in the entire world! She is the greatest example to everyone around her! I have been so blessed to be a part of her conversion!

For a day Karen got work off for all Sundays but then the next day her boss changed his mind. We are still praying for her to have time!!! We haven't been able to see Gideon lately. He just moved into the other ward so we will try to do a couple more lessons with him but then we are going to turn him over to the elders over there because they have a Tagolog speaker in their ward that would really help him and especially his family! We are going to have another baptism soon with two children from a less-active family! Missionaries have been working with them forever and finally their parents are ready for them to get baptized!

Our mission and our stake is buzzing with excitement as we prepare for a general authority and a member of the twelve apostles to visit!!!! On the 23rd we missionaries get a special meeting with them and then in the Lakewood stake (my stake) we get to have a special stake conference with them! What a blessing it will be to hear from and be in the same room as a general authority and a member of the twelve apostles!

Last week as Remembrance Day was approaching I thought a lot about the men and women who have given their lives for their country! Such brave men and women! It is a very special experience to be serving in a military ward and to see their view of the world.

Today is transfer meeting so the whole mission gets to be together! It is always so powerful and uplifting to be surrounded by so many missionaries and to hear from our wonderful mission president and his wife! I love this work! It is truly the Lord's work! I feel so blessed and privileged to be a missionary at this exciting time! I know this is the only true church on the earth today. We are so blessed to have the Book of Mormon and to have modern day prophets and to have the priesthood on the earth! I love the Lord with my whole heart! I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support and prayers! They are much needed and I feel them every day! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Tingey

P.S. We are writing e-mails at the church this week so I can't send pictures right now but I will next week! LOVE YOU! Oh and I am pretty good on the warm factor. A sweet member in our stake offered to buy me boots so she took me shopping yesterday. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful goodies you sent with my ward mission leader! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

 Mission Fireside

Sister Tanner is from our home ward, though they hadn't met until the mission!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Oi familia!


Hello, hello family!

It's been a kind of a slow week but Halloween was oodles of fun and the weekend exploded with goodness!

We got to stay together as a zone all day for Halloween. Apparently missionaries have been blamed for things on Halloween so we spent all day having zone conference and then dinner and some fun at our Stake President's house. We got to watch a MOVIE! It was so exciting!!! ha-ha We watched Ephraim's Rescue which is a really good one - I'd definitely recommend it! I feel spoiled with all of the incredible missionaries in my zone that I get to be surrounded by!

Saturday night we got such incredible news, it's the big miracle for the week. IMANI IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! Imani is ten years old and has been taught by the missionaries for 6 months. She has been wanting to get baptized for the longest time but she needed permission from her dad and he wouldn't give it because he didn't feel like she understood the commitment well enough. A miracle happened and Saturday night her dad gave her permission to get baptized!!! We are SO excited!!!! She is the sweetest little girl!

Sunday was just overwhelmingly incredible! We got to make an appearance in primary and answer questions the kids have about mission life and what they can to do be missionaries. I was blown away by these kids who have already shared the gospel with some of their friends! Children are wonderful!

Sunday night was our missionary fireside! The Washington Tacoma mission is a singing mission and we are famous for giving firesides for all of the stakes in our area. Last night was the first one of the season! It was very special and so incredibly powerful! We sang with all of our hearts and some missionaries bore their testimonies. It was a beautiful night. "Amazing Grace" is our mission theme song and it is so powerful every time we sing it together as a mission!

What was even better than the fireside though was probably the opportunity and Sister Phillips, Sister Sandau, and I had to ride to and from the fireside with President and Sister Weaver! On the way there they were a little stressed, but on the way home we had so much personal time with them to talk and laugh and learn! It was such a special experience for me to be with two such powerful people! When we finally got to our car, we were on conference call with the whole mission so we got to stay with president and Sister Weaver for conference call too. It was so different and powerful being in the same car as the weavers as they addressed the whole mission. I just felt like the luckiest girl in the world this weekend!

Scripture for the week: Alma 13: 27-29 SO good!

It has been such a blessing to have mom's scriptures on my mission! As I read I get to read her notes and it puts a whole new, sweet perspective on the scriptures I am reading!

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! And a happy, happy birthday to my beautiful sister ALI! I LOVE YOU!



Sister Tingey