Friday, February 28, 2014

Carnaval time!!!

Oi Familia!

Another incredible week full of miracles has flown by! Work is exploding in Freguesia! We are helping 4 families now to get married and eventually baptized! The most difficult thing in Brazil in relation to the work is that no one is legally married and it takes a LONG time to get married and it is very expensive! But Heavenly Father is very mindful of His children here and He is preparing a way!

We had an INCREDIBLE experience with Lidiane and Ademeer this week! My goodness I love this family SO much! We were talking with them and following up on if they have been reading and praying and Lidiane got this big grin on her face, her face completely lit up, and she told us she got an answer!!! Both she and Ademeer kept talking about the blessings they have been getting from Heavenly Father since they began reading the Book of Mormon and praying as a family and going to church. They are recognizing the blessings and they are continuing to read and pray! What an incredible experience it has been to work with this family! I have truly seen how much this gospel and the spirit changes hearts and blesses families!

There is another family we have been reactivating and the change I have seen in the Father is incredible! We had zone conference this last week (which was AWESOME) and the main thing I got out of it is how we need to allow the spirit to change us. As we go about experiencing new things and learning and growing every day we need to allow the spirit to change us. Life is all about change! If we don´t change we don´t learn anything! I am grateful for everyday I have to change and to be better! I am grateful for everyday I have to serve my Heavenly Father and His children here and to witness the change as these people receive the gospel. 

I know that this is the ONLY true gospel on the earth today. It is literally the same church Christ established when He was on the earth. What good news we have to share! Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive!
Eu sei que ele fez um grande sacrifiçio por cada nós! Nós podemos voltar na presença de Deus com nossas familias porque ele fez isso por nós!

I Love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support and examples!!!!

Sister Tingey

P.S. Mom- we eat lots of rice and beans and chicken! Yum yum! :) The members usually feed us at least 4 or 5 days a week. The food is delicious!


The festas have already begun! It´s going to be a crazy week this week!

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