Monday, January 27, 2014

Brazil anyone???


Hello Family!!!!

I can't hold it in anymore.....I'M GOING TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday February 3, 2014 I will be joining Mike in Brazil!!! Tuesday night we got a text from President Weaver asking us where we were and if we were close by to the church. Immediately we turned around and went straight to the church because any chance we get to see President we take! We got there and waited a bit and he finally came in with a big smile on his face. He gave us big hugs and just started talking to us. While he was talking he was scrolling through his phone looking for something, then all of the sudden he looked up at me and I knew what he was about to say to me so I just started crying! He said, "Sister Tingey, I got this e-mail today, what does it look like to you?" I looked and it was a plane ticket for me to fly to Atlanta, Georgia and then on to Brazil on the 3rd!!!!!! I still can't believe it! It doesn't feel real!

So this news kind of threw this week off a bit but it was still a great week! Things are picking up slowly but surely! Sister Stucki and I have been busy visiting everyone we know who expressed even a little bit of interest! It has been fun! We've met some pretty incredible people and things are looking up!

Miracle this week: Well, me getting my visa haha, but with the work in beautiful Steilacoom - we got to have a church tour with a man named Dennis. At the beginning he was telling us about he was just coming back to the catholic church and how much he loved it there and how he loved how catholic churches are so beautiful. As we continued on the church tour with him, the member we brought with us (who was baptized two years ago and just went through the temple with his family) bore his testimony and shared how he felt when he got baptized. Immediately there was a change in Dennis and he said he got chills and he was just quiet and observant and soaking in everything we said. It was such an incredible experience!

Jenna unfortunately feels at this time the church is not for her but she is still very open and interested in investigating the church at a later time. She is so wonderful, I am not worried about her at all! She will find it someday! 

This week really has been a week full of miracles and tender mercies. We have found a few really incredible people for the next sisters to teach. I have felt so much love for and from the people I am serving here!

This weekend Sister Stucki and I had the privilege of speaking on Anderson Island! My talk was based on hymn #335 "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" and how Heavenly Father has trusted us to be the lights along the shore that lead those that are lost safely back to the Lighthouse, or Christ. So Arise and Shine! Be that light, that example and open your mouth! Share this good news!

I have been feeling strangely calm and peaceful all week! My head is jumping around like crazy thinking about Brazil and leaving Washington, but my heart has been very calm and peaceful and I know it's because it's time. The Lord now needs me in Brazil and I am so excited to go and see what awaits me there! I will miss Washington with all of my heart, but I am so excited to go serve the people in Brazil!!!!

I love you all so much!!! I probably won't be able to write you next week so I'll let you know how my first week in Brazil goes!!!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

Sister Tingey

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