Monday, January 27, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Hello Family!!

This is weird, I just saw you all last week!!!! AH! That was so fun! It was the greatest to see all of your smiling faces! I still can't get over Ian saying my name! GAH! SO CUTE! This week has been great! I love being a missionary during the Holiday season! It is so special! It's also way different! Different in ways like, wanting the holiday season to be over soon so people come home and have time to be taught haha! But it's great!

After talking with the fam, we had Christmas dinner with the Agor family! They are an incredible family in steilacoom (pronounced still - a - come). they are from hawaii and they love to spoil their missionaries! Really all of the members here love to spoil their missionaries! Christmas night was probably the greatest though. My whole zone got to go to the stake president's house! We had a great time and we ended the night doing my favorite family tradition! All of us missionaries got to dress up and act out the Nativity! It was such a special experience and brought it all back to Christ and His birth! 

So our ward is awesome and the young men's president had the brilliant idea to have his priests spend a day with the missionaries to experience what missionary life is like! They are with the missionaries from 8 to 9, studying, teaching and tracting! We loved that idea so we decided to get permission from President Weaver for us to be able to do that with the Laurels and it has been the greatest! It is so fun to show them what we do all day and have them experience a day in the life of a missionary! These girls are amazing and are going to do great things!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day! The talks in sacrament were about procrastination and commitment and the speakers did such a good job!! They said so many things that were exactly what I needed to hear! The Lord really does know us and He prepares us and teaches us according to His time! There are so many times I catch myself figuring things out in my head and thinking "I probably knew this but I'm just re-learning it and re-learning it because it's different in every situation I'm in!" Heavenly Father is so patient with me! I am so grateful for this time i have to learn and grow so much everyday! The mission is truly a refiner's fire! The Lord will continue refining me until he sees himself in me! Thank goodness He does not give up easily!

I am so grateful for this Gospel! I am so grateful for the testimony that I do have and that it grows more and more everyday! I am so grateful for the spirit! I would be so lost without the Holy Ghost! I am so grateful for companions and family members and friends that help us grow and learn! I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!!! Let's all resolve to remember Christ and keep the Spirit of Christ with us all year long! Let's resolve to not procrastinate but do it now! Let's be missionaries! I love you all so much!!!! My heart is so full of Joy and Gratitude!

Mom, I have to thank you for the "life is good pen"! I love it! I carry it around everyone and look at it and just smile! Life IS good!!! Especially because we have the truth and we have the opportunity to share it! TODAY is the day I will open my mouth!!! (Nashville Tribute: the work track 6) it's a good one :) Basically our theme song. Live by the second! Enjoy TODAY!

Sister Tingey

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