Monday, January 27, 2014

Missionary Fireside in the Wa-Tac


Hello Family!

Another week has flown by! I can't believe January is almost over! It's amazing to me how days seem to last forever and weeks pass so fast! I am fast approaching my 5th transfer in the mission field and loving every minute I have to serve!

This week was another slow week. Not much happened, but we worked hard and Heavenly Father blessed us and we were able to keep busy. I am learning a whole new meaning of persevering to the end haha! But we meet fun interesting people every day and continue to do the Lord's work! It's been fun to be creative with the work! Every night we come up with something new and different to do to find people to teach or to reach out to less actives. Knocking has become one of my favorite parts of the day because it's our chance to find and share with anyone who will listen! It's been a blast lately because not many people have wanted to talk to us so we try a new approach at every door. It's been such a blessing to have this time to change things up and try new things! I am amazed how much Heavenly Father is in the details of things and how things always work out for us to learn what we need to! The work is hard, but I am HAPPY! :)

This weekend we were invited to participate in the Missionary Fireside in the Gig Harbor Stake. We did one a few months ago also, but missionary firesides are meetings we have with all of the stakes in the mission. The mission puts it on and basically we just sing as a choir of missionaries and a few missionaries bear their testimonies. It is always so powerful! It's one of my favorite things I have been able to do on my mission! Singing with all of the missionaries feels like a powerful choir of angels! The spirit is always vibrating in the room! It is such a spiritual uplift and an incredible experience to be a part of!

Sorry it's kind of a short one today!

Thanks for all of your e-mails and love! I love you all so much!!! Have a FANTASTIC week! And don't forget to always share the gospel, and when necessary, use words!


Sister Tingey

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