Monday, January 27, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Wa-Tac!!!


Hello Family!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful prophet, Joseph Smith, and a very merry Christmas!

What a week! Moving areas, though not far from each other is a huge change! Meeting new people left and right and being lost every time we get in the car to visit people has pretty much been my week. Because sisters haven't worked in this area in about 5 weeks, sister stucki and I have been working hard to build up a teaching pool. Needless to say, our week consisted of lots of knocking and member and less-active visits! But in the midst of it all I get to take a deep breath and look out to the beautiful Puget Sound! This area is incredibly beautiful, every time I need a breather the water is there and it takes my breath away every time!

We had a few exciting things happen this week. In our ward we get to work with elders (which is the best ever!!!!). Our elders are Elder Webber and Elder Schaffner. Elder Schaffner is brand new and rocking it! These elders are great, they also have to ride bike everywhere. So thursday night sister stucki and I get a call from the elders and they informed us that elder schaffner had a little crash on his bike but he is okay and there is a little blood. So we drove over to pick them up and apparently elder schaffner couldn't see a curb because it was really dark and he ran right into to and flew off his bike and face planted into the pavement! He really was okay but his chin split open a bit. Poor Elder Webber does not do well with blood and Elder Schaffner just did not know what was going on because he couldn't see how bad it was. However, after a little cleaning up, 5 stitches and 4 hours in the ER, they're doing great! It was an exciting night!

Sister Stucki are having a lot of fun together and even though the work is moving a little slow for us right now, miracles are happening! It is just wonderful to be able to walk around this cute little town with a tag over my heart with christmas lights all over the place. What a wonderful time of year this is! Such a happy, joyous time! A time to remember Christ and his birth and all that he has done for us. I am so grateful that our family has always made a point to read the nativity all together to pull our focus to Christ. I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you on wednesday!!!!

I will be skyping or google-ing with you all from President Betteridge's house! Apparently he knows our family and lives in Tacoma which is close enough to our area that our President gave us permission to go when President Betteridge requested that I come to skype you all. I will probably call around 11:00 AM washington time. I know that's prime ski time, I'm sorry!!! I will have President Betteridge call you guys before so we can set it all up! Can't wait to see you!!!! Best Christmas present ever!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Sister Tingey

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