Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And then there was one......

Óla familia! Tudo bem?


Wow, what a week! Happy Happy Birthday to my incredible mother and the cutest little nephew in the world!!!! I have been thinking about you two all week and I hope you had the best of birthdays! (hopefully you've gotten my card!)

This has been a difficult but GREAT week! Seeing Elizabeth on Sunday was a little bit of Heaven! It was just what I needed to be reminded of why I'm here and how every sacrifice is worth it to be a missionary! It was the biggest blessing to be able to share that time with my sister while we were both still sister missionaries! Biffy - i feel for you as you are readjusting to real life! Know that i love you so much and think about you always and am constantly praying for you! thank you for you dear elders - they make my day everyday i get one! Seriously though family and friends, dear elders are the and i only have a week left in the MTC which equals one week left of getting mail everyday! PLEASE WRITE! There is nothing better than getting mail at the end of a VERY long day! you da best.

This week was our first week as a tripanionship! It's been working out beautifully! A bit of tension here and there as it is difficult to get everyone's voice and opinion and feelings in BUT i see it as such a blessing! Sister Gold is wise beyond her years and has taught me so much about missionary work. She is also HILARIOUS and makes me laugh and smile all day long which i appreciate so much! My companions are the BEST! I love sister Colvin and Sister Gold so much, they are so dear to my heart and have made the first six weeks of my mission AWESOME!

Gah it's weird being the old ones now. It is my district's last week in the MTC!!!! Which means I GET MY REASSIGNMENT ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I am SO unbelievably excited! I will be able to e-mail you when i find out where i will be serving next week! it also means I get to call home when I'm at the airport so I need a phone number to call! This being my last week at the MTC is very bitter sweet! I have learned and grown so much at the MTC! It is such a special place! BUT i am SO excited to go out in the field and to teach everyday!!!

This week, the topic of gifts of the spirit has been on my mind a lot! we often forget the gifts we receive from the spirit. For example, the gift of a testimony, gift of weeping, gift of knowledge...etc. i have had lots of thoughts running through my mind about how wonderful gifts of the spirit are. But I have especially been thinking about how we are given gifts of the spirit so that we might use them to serve others. i am so grateful for my mission and the opportunity I have to focus all of my spiritual gifts on others and on  bringing myself and others unto Christ!

This week we began teaching each other in our district. This means that I am teaching Elder Fox (he's playing my progressing investigator) and i get to be an investigator! It is the coolest and most enriching experience to play an investigator! It has given me so much insight in what I need to do better as a missionary when i teach! It is really special too because we pick someone we really care about and we put ourselves into their situation and try to put ourselves in their head basically. It is really difficult to explain how it feels and what I'm learning but it is an incredible experience every lesson. The training they do here for missionaries is inspired! there is no better way to learn than to teach!

Another cool thing we have gotten to do at the MTC is skype Brazilians for TRC! It is a brand new thing they have been doing at the MTC and we are some of the first districts to do it!

This morning we finally got to go to the temple!!! What a blessing that was! It was so uplifting and it was just what I needed to boost me up for my last week at the MTC and to help prepare me for the field! Something really special I have felt and thought a lot about this past week is there is not an hour in the day that the missionaries aren't prayed for! I feel those prayers everyday! 

Apparently the devotional tonight is going to be a big one, but who knows, they say that every week. They will be broadcasting this devotional to all of the MTCs around the world, so who knows, maybe we'll have a general authority! I LOVE devotionals and I LOVE singing in the choir! The MTC choir is a choir of angels! What a blessing it is to be here and to be serving the Lord!

Sister Tingey

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