Wednesday, September 11, 2013

wow Wow WOW!!!

My goodness, I have SO much I need to write about and not enough time!!!! I'M GOING TO WASHINGTON TOMORROW!!!!! I can't believe I'm actually going out into the field to teach and find and serve real investigators! GAH! I am so excited!!!

What a week! It has been an amazing and terribly difficult and sad week. Last Tuesday we got to go to the temple, which was exactly what I needed! Then, Tuesday devotional I got to sing in the choir and we sang a beautiful arrangement of "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" - it was so powerful, I was so grateful I could be a part of that! RICHARD G. SCOTT came and spoke to us!!! It was the most amazing and sweetest devotional I have had at the MTC! It was yet another blessing that I really needed to prepare for the week ahead and to prepare to leave the MTC. His talk was really pretty simple, but very powerful. He talked of prayer and the sacred of it, and how important it is to not rush prayer, but give it time and be sincere. It was so powerful and such a good reminder to me! I have really turned around my prayers for the better this week and already I feel closer to God! I encourage all of you to not rush your prayers. To focus when you pray and sincerely talk to your Father in Heaven. I know when you do this, you will be blessed and your relationship with Heavenly Father will grow! This devotional was also a really sweet experience because he gave us a special blessing that we may have the gift of tongues! Elder Scott was very emotional on Tuesday and he said it was because he could feel the presence of his sweet wife in the room! It was such a powerful and uplifting night! I have been blessed with so many incredible spiritual experiences this week as I have struggled. Heavenly Father is so mindful of us!

On Wednesday, my district and I got to host the new missionaries! It was so fun and exciting, but it was weird being the "experienced" ones. Then Thursday, I got my reassignment to Tacoma Washington!!! I am so excited to serve in Washington. Although I am disappointed to not be going to Brazil, I know this is where the Lord wants me and I will serve where He sends me!

Okay, BEST WEEKEND EVER! But also the companions and I have been running around with our heads cut off all week trying to sort out a visa problem and feet problems! My poor companions have had to struggle with so many foot problems. I couldn't help but laugh when we went to a foot doctor for both of my companions and not for me! I got to watch my companion have toe surgery (ingrown toe nail) and I sadly had to watch my other companion be told the news that she has to stay at the MTC for two more week and continue to wait for her foot to heal. Heavenly Father has blessed me and my foot!

This week has been filled with lots of ups and downs, especially for my companions. Sister Colvin received some difficult news about her visa and Sister Gold can't go to Brazil until her foot is healed (she already has her visa). Needless to say, it's been a rough week. We were blessed on Saturday afternoon and night! We had a rainstorm Saturday afternoon after gym and (missionary appropriately) played around in the rain! It lifted our spirits and was a fun time with the elders in our district. Saturday night we had a mini festa with the district - just talking and laughing and eating food and writing in each others' journals.

Sunday was also very special. Sister Torres from the Relief Society General Board spoke to the sisters in Relief Society and gave a wonderful and uplifting talk on the importance of relief society and the importance of respecting the priesthood. After the meeting, they took a picture of all of the sisters at the MTC at this time! Sunday evening we had our departure devotional and Sister Colvin and her brother got to perform a piano duet together! It was so sweet! They both entered the MTC the same day and are both going to Brazil. It was a hard goodbye to say! Sunday night devotional was given by the one and only Vai Sikahema - football star and news anchor. He was hilarious and powerful! He told stories of his mission in South Dakota, it was a great devotional!

Sunday night was a very special night to me and will forever be in my heart. My district had a testimony meeting together! The spirit was radiating in the room! The heavens were literally opened! I felt the spirit of so many of our ancestors in that room with me, surrounding me with their love and support! My district is so special! Every missionary has such a special spirit and power! I am so grateful for every single member of my district! They have all influenced me and supported me and loved me! We have all grown so much together! It breaks my heart to say goodbye to these missionaries but the world needs them!!!

I love you all so much! I love this gospel with all of my heart and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I can't wait to serve the people in Washington in t-minus 7 hours! I love being a missionary, I am so blessed to have this experience! Jesus minha luz! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

Sister Tingey


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