Monday, September 16, 2013

Oi minha Familia!


Several times this week I have had a call or a letter from the mission office and my heart stops!!!!.....however I still have yet to receive my visa! My mission president said to expect it by the end of this transfer, so we'll see! I wouldn't mind staying in American Lake for another transfer though! I have met so many wonderful people who i love so much and want to help! There are so many people here that are so close to accepting the gospel, it's so exciting!!!!

So: I know you all have been wondering more about my wonderful investigators! We have three on date! One is a 14 year old girl named N and her mom, Karen. They are both so wonderful and so ready! Sister Peruch and Sister Sandau knocked on her door before I came and we went back when I got here. She said that she and her mom have been reading the Book of Mormon and love it! So we gave her the first lesson and invited her to be baptized and she said YES! We started going to see her as much as possible and she was just taking everything in! Her mom works A LOT so after we taught N., she would teach her mom! They both want to get baptized so bad, we just need to finish teaching them the lessons! They are so prepared and so special! Karen tells us all the time how their family had just been through a really hard time and how when we came, these two girls they didn't know, we brought a spirit into their home like none other and we have been able to help N. out a lot! Oh I just love them so much!!! The Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost is so powerful!!! This gospel is so true!

Our other "on date" is Pelma and we just knocked into her a few days ago. She recognized us because she has seen "The Other Side of Heaven". She's an islander and loved the movie! So we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to be baptized and she said YES!

This work is so incredible! I am so blessed to meet so many wonderful people everyday and to talk to everyone about the gospel! This is the LORD'S work! and I am so blessed to be an instrument in His hands!

I love you all so much! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!


Sister Tingey

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