Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 3 in the beautiful WA-TAC!!!

Oi Familia!    9/9/13

It has been a great week! Such a turn around from last week! It's really amazing how difficult experiences and challenge help us learn so much and push us to do better! 

First off - Thanks for the package mom!!! You have no idea how happy and excited I was when I got it! BEST PACKAGE EVER! I love you so much!!!

So this week Sister Sandau and I have been busy trying new methods and working as hard as we can. Since we are both really new, we have been visiting the members in the ward when we have a free moment to get to know them better and to ask for mission advice! We have gotten some GREAT advice so far and have been able to use that and try it out this week! Some advice was how important investigators going to church is! Many people said if they don't come to church, it can mean there aren't really serious about the discussions which can save us time to be able to find those who are ready to be baptized and spend most of our time with them. So we have been working on knowing where our time is best spent and having daily contact with our investigators! It is hard sometimes but we have really tried to see everyone we are teaching every day and it has made such a difference! It is so important that they have that contact with us because satan works so hard on them but when we visit we can bring the spirit back to them and remind them of the good things this gospel brings!

This week we had zone conference which was AWESOME!!! It is always so nice to get together with so many missionaries and feel united in the work! I learned so much and was re-motivated to work hard and do my best!

We also had stake conference this week which was a broadcast from salt lake! we got to hear from Elder Nash of the seventy, Sister McKonkie, Elder Hales and Elder Perry. It was a great meeting! Some things they mentioned were remembering and keeping our covenants. How important family prayer and family home evening and family everything is so important. Also tithing, how we can't afford not to pay tithing! What a blessing to hear the words of the apostles for this time in this area!

What made the meeting even better were two of our investigators came!!! YAY!!!! I love these two so much! It is a 14 year old girl and her mom who are just a miracle story! They both love the church so much and want to get baptized! They both have been reading the Book of Mormon so much and have recognized the spirit we bring into their home! It really is so special to be teaching them! I feel so blessed to be apart of their process of coming unto Christ! This work is so amazing! It is truly the Lord's work! I could do nothing without the Lord!

**Visa Update**
President called me this week and said that they still don't have my visa but they talked to the visa people and said that Brazil has been a lot quicker with visas for the past couple of weeks and they said to expect my visa either by the end of this transfer or next transfer!!!!!!!!! YAYAY HOORAY!!! It is nice to know that I will hopefully be getting my visa soon! Although I am so excited to go to Brazil, when I think about leaving the Washington Tacoma mission, and more specifically the American Lake ward, I get really sad! I have had such incredible experiences here and I love the people here so much! I would love to stay another transfer to continue helping the people we are working with! But I know wherever the Lord sends me is where I need to be!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your e-mails and your prayers and support! It really means so much! I think about you always!

Also, I love having the time to study for hours in the morning! Since I've been on my mission, I have really learned the importance of scripture study and prayer! It is such a blessing to be able to study the scriptures, to know what we need to do to come closer to Christ! And it is such a blessing and a comfort to be able to communicate with our Father in Heaven!

Also, I have learned the importance of MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! Family and Friends: Do your best to be a missionary! Member missionary work is the BEST! It is the most effective way of finding those who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel! It is the most effective way to share the gospel! Be an example and share the gospel with everyone! Find people for the missionaries to teach! Invite non-members and less actives into your home! Invite them and the missionaries to your house for dinner! I know you all are such wonderful missionaries and I am grateful for your work and for your example! I love you all so much!!!


Sister Tingey

P.S. Dad- it was so fun to meet Alan Peterson! Such a tender mercy! Such a blessing to spend some time talking to someone who knows my dad and family so well!

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