Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jesus Minha Luz!

Oi Familia!       8/6/13
Wow what a week! First off, Savannah Clawson´s cousin, Elder Curtis Clawson, is in my zone!!! I´ve had to say goodbye to a couple of my good friends this week! One is off to Russia and one got his visa and is off to Brazil!!! More and more people are getting their visas! I´ve heard of a couple of missionaries who did their visas through LA who have gotten their visas. I still haven't heard anything about mine yet, but there's hope!
Sister Colvin and I had yet another very special experience with our investigator this week! I have been thinking a lot about Elizabeth returning home from her mission and how hard it is for her and how sad I am that I won't really see her for another 18 months. In my despair I had the opportunity to turn outward and teach one of our progressing investigators. I'm just going to quote what I wrote in my journal right after our lesson..."I never want to forget today! I am so grateful for these experiences that humbe me because in my humility I come closer to Christ, which helps me bring others closer to Christ. I know the mission is going to be hard, but Christ knows. He knows how I feel and He knows what I am going through! I'm grateful for my weaknesses and for my difficulties, because through them I am humbled and I come unto Christ. How great is my callin, to bring souls unto Christ, especially my own! I am so grateful for this work and for the opportunity I have to be apart of it. This is God's work! It is not about me, it is about His people who need His gospel! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so good to me. I feel their love everyday. I love them so much and I love the Holy Ghost so much! This work would not be possible without the Holy Ghost! How GREAT is my calling! I am humbled and overwhelmed and so happy to have the opportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ and the share His happy message!"
Every day I am blessed! I love being a missionary so much! It is the greatest work on this earth! This week I have really felt the authority I have with this calling. In one of our lessons, I felt that authority when I was able to promise our progressing investigator that if he stops drinking, the Lord will bless Him because the Lord giveth no commandment save He shall prepare a way. GAH! I love this gospel so much! It is so true and it blesses lives! It has blessed my own so much and I can't stand to have people not know of the truth and of the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I can't wait to share this happy message with the people in Brazil and with the people of who I will be serving in the meantime!
Devotionals were FANTASTIC this week! I mean, they are always great, but I really loved the last two devotional we have had. One was about being a Preach My Gospel Missionary! PMG is an inspired manual for missionaries. It was written to teach missionaries how to be the best missionaries they can possibly be! I am determined to be a PMG Missionary!!! On Sunday, Jenny Oaks Baker gave the devotional! It was so beautiful! She talked about gifts of the spirit and she played such wonderful music! It was so inspiring and uplifting!
In other news, Sister Colvin and I are getting a new companion tonight! Her name is Sister Gold and she is joining us because she has a foot problem and has to stay at the MTC for two more weeks before she goes to Brazil! She seem really sweet and I know it will be a challenging, but wonderful experience!
OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH ELIZABETH IS FLYING HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! I can't believe Elizabeth is going to be home tonight! I have been thinking about her so much! Especially on Sunday because that was probably her last official day as a missionary! I can't WAIT to see her!!! What a joyous reunion it will  be! It will be a little glimpse of heaven!
The last couple of days I have really been trying to prepare myself for an emotional and difficult week. This week is going to be a tough one, but I am determined to make it the best week ever! (prayers are appreciated haha) But seriously family, thank you for all of your support and prayers and love! Know that it is felt and appreciated! I love you all so much!!!!
Oh and I almost forgot, Sister Colvin and I had the sweetest experience this morning with two international elders! One is from Tahiti, and the other is from Tonga. We asked if we could bear our testimonies to them in Portuguese, and in turn they bore theirs in English and then their native language, French and Tongan. It was so beautiful! The spirit was so strong in those Elders' sweet simple testimonies! It was cool to have that experience. Both Sister Colvin and I realized that that is probably how we sounded when we were first learning Portuguese. Very simple and broken, but even more heartfelt!
I love this work so much! I love being a missionary!!!! JESUS MINHA LUZ!!!!!! I love portuguese (even though it's hard sometimes, it is the most beautiful language EVER!) I love my family! I love this gospel! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Felizidades e Animada
Sister Tingey (Brasiliera)

P.S. Mom- thank you SO much for the package! Seriously made my week! You are so wonderful! I am so glad you are finally in the house! Wish I could be there to help but I think I am helping more by serving the Lord. He has blessed our family so much! I am grateful I can show my gratitude to Him by serving Him fulltime for 18 months! I love you all! 1 month down, 17 more to go!!!

P.S. The temple has been closed the whole time we have been here but it opens next week and we'll finally be able to go next week! I am so excited!!! Also, Let me know as soon as you set up and appointment for me to see Elizabeth! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER!!!!

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